Exactly about : Theories regarding the MKULTRA Sex Kitten

Exactly about : Theories regarding the MKULTRA Sex Kitten

Fritz Springmeier’s guide on head control details lots of the connections that are alleged the MKULTRA subprogram called venture MONARCH. This subprogram is speculated to produce head alters in its victims for them to get violated and intimately abused.

Terms like “Purr in my situation kitten” would be the trigger declaration that flips the alter’s internal switch (*which Cathy O’Brien also stated inside her guide about them).

Sites like HollywoodSubliminals have actually published about that concept in past times (many cite Fritz Springmeier’s guide about the subject)

Beta is called “sexual” programming (slaves). This development eliminates all learned moral beliefs and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters can come down only at that degree.

Referred to as Kitten development, it will be the many noticeable sort of programming as some feminine a-listers, models, actresses and vocalists have already been afflicted by this type of development. In popular culture, clothes with feline prints usually denote Kitten development.

Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America guide details her horrific allegations against much talked about those who had been in on these abuses. She stated that President Reagan would refer to her repeatedly since the ‘kitten’- a guide to your change Read Full Article that could be mistreated for intimate satisfaction.

Cagey Allegations

Further into Fritz’ guide, he alleges cages that are human the victims:

The Monarch Mind Control had been carried call at big airplane hangers from the base which were in a position to house large number of small cages simply adequate for peoples infants. Plenty of 1,000 infants ended up being a batch that is small. In accordance with individuals who worked when you look at the hangers program that is helping numerous batches had been 2,000 or 3,000 infants. numerous survivors remember the lots and lots of cages housing small children from ceiling to flooring. The cages had been hot wired (electrified from the ceiling, bottom and sides) so your young ones that are locked in can get horrific shocks that are electric their health to groom their minds to put into numerous characters. These cages are known as Woodpecker Grids. The target views a flash of light whenever high D.C. voltage is used. Later on, this flash of light is employed with hypnotic induction to really make the person think they go into another measurement if they are blasted with a high voltage. The code writers tell the slaves that this can be “riding the light. within the Peter Pan development”

It gets even darker whenever Fritz details further abuse of children (you’ll need certainly to read their guide if you’d like to learn more- I’m perhaps not publishing about this).

Bird cages have also attached to the symbolism regarding the head control experimentation as a sign for the fracturing of this head and different alters setup.

Let’s wrap this up- we’ve all got activities to do!

A Dark Summary

OK, just what exactly do we now have?…

We’ve got Britney asking her manager to place her in a cage and simulate her death in the bathtub (bleeding, mind you) after he previously had her. She desired to maintain a video clip with leopards and posing given that tigress; but Britney insisted she be a“kitten” that is timid

“At first we envisioned to movie her as a tigress, but she wished to be filmed more fearful, such as a kitten“

Now toss in every of the MKULTRA a few ideas of brain managed a-listers (and sometimes even my visitor Dr. Kim who stated you will find Hollywood cloning facilities) and we’re kept to take a position.

What’s my conjecture?…

Unfortuitously i believe Britney has been chosen for the Moloch that is big sacrifice. I really hope I’m wrong. We PRAY I’m incorrect. No one has a right to be used as something for power trade but one thing about all this simply ordinary stinks. The news has already been planting the seeds of psychological state problems (which DO exist- don’t misunderstand me), BUT every one of the symbolism supports the extensive research I’ve carried out through the years about occult obsessions to sacrifice…

Stay tuned in to my podcast and web site for updates while they drop…

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